About Me

Hi, I’m Vivek A S, a dedicated professional with a distinguished career in kickboxing and fitness training. I currently serve as the General Secretary and Chief Coach of the Kerala State Amateur Kickboxing Association (KSAKA) and have held prestigious roles such as the Former Indian Team Coach and National Accredited Senior Coach for WAKO India. As an International Referee and Chief Referee for WAKO India, I have contributed significantly to the sport, including being the first Indian kickboxing referee to attend the European Championship and World Combat Games. I hold a 5th Degree Black Belt from WAKO India and a 1st Degree Black Belt from WAKO IF.

Beyond kickboxing, my background includes serving in the Indian Army and holding degrees in Mathematics and Physical Education. I am also an NSNIS Certified Boxing Coach, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a holder of multiple fitness certifications from the Government of India and international bodies. As a world record holder in moving push-ups, I am committed to inspiring and guiding individuals towards achieving their best in both sports and fitness.